IWE Istanbul Water Expo March 2018
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Why Turkey

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Turkey is one of the largest markets of the world for water and wastewater solutions according to EU reports. An estimated 33,9 bn Euros will be invested until 2023 for the new and rehabilitation projects.
-             Turkey’s current water amount per capita is around 1.500 - 1750 m3 which will drop to critical low level of 1.042 m3 in 2030 when population reached to 87 mio.
-             58% of Turkey’s environmental expenditures goes to water sector investments.
-             As per the Wastewater Treatment Action Plan – 2023 of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the total number of wastewater treatment plants, which was 653 in 2015, will be 2154 by 2023 with addition of 1501 new facilities. 1418 of these plants will be newly constructed while 83 of them are existing treatment facilities that will be distributed.
-             The number of water treatment facilities in Turkey is 258 and the ratio of the population provided service with treatment facilities over population as a whole is 47% and new drinking water treatment plants investment is required for 50% of the population.
-             There are treatment facilities in 124 of 215 Organized Industrial Zones, however an increase in private sector investment is expected due to the laws and regulations fort he new and rehabilitation wastewater treatment plants in Organized Industrial Zones and for manufacturing industry.
-             It is possible to meet the 10% of industrial amd agricultural water requirements by collecting and reuse of rainwater.
-             Plenty of projects to obtain water from sea are on preperation phase to improve the water share of 0.1% of the total water used.
-             Rehabilitation of the existing treatment plants in industrial areas is required as 20% of the water used contains biological, chemical and physical pollution which exceeds the critical limit.
-             It is aimed to increase the current level of 35% utilization rate of water reused in manufacturing industry to over 50% in 10 years time
According to the EU Integrated Environmental Approximation Strategy for Turkey (2007-2023);
•             Turkey’s environmental investments will exceed EUR 58.5 Billion by 2023
•             The Investment requirement in water and wastewater sector is EUR 33,9 Billion by 2023
•             80% of this investment is constituted by public and 20% of it is constituted by private sector.